British Family History

A Guide to Getting Started in Genealogy

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The internet is an invaluable resource for family historians.

Many websites now offer information about genealogy, and guides on how to begin (much like this website). Some online services offer family historians the chance to research their ancestors online.

It is these websites that are changing how people research their family history, as these services have become much more popular than searching the records at a local record office, or even buying the records on CD-ROM to search.

Websites like give people the opportunity to search census records and BMD records (among others) online, for a small subscription fee. On RootsUK, for example, for £5 you get 100 credits which means you can view 100 records.

Advanced features on these websites, such as, includes a Surname Distribution map, a 'SmartSearch' feature (these are both unique to TheGenealogist), and name variants/nicknames.

Do you want to research your Ancestors online?

If you are interested in researching your family history using online services, there are research guides you can view on our website. There are also descriptions of websites you can use to search records online, so you can decide which online resource to choose for your research.

Searching for John Smith using a simple search on TheGenealogist  
Searching for 'John Smith' at TheGenealogist using a simple search.   Part of the search results for 'John Smith' at TheGenealogist.

Search for your Ancestors OnlineSearch for your Ancestors Online

Search for your ancestors on The Genealogist, who provide a free search for Births, Marriages, Deaths, and Census records, which are the key records in any family history research.




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