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Have you ever wondered who your ancestors were, and how they lived?

Who are you descended from? Use our simple guide to discover your ancestors!If you have, then either you are already a family historian, researching your ancestors and their stories - or, you want to begin your research, but are not sure where to start.

This website will tell you everything you need to know about genealogy so you can begin your journey into the past. It could also tell current family historians some information they didn't know or weren't sure about.

What does this website offer?

How easy is it to trace an ancestor?

How easy is it to trace an ancestor?Researching your family history can never be called 'easy', it is something that can take years or research. There are several ways to do your research, and the most common ways are to either use the records that are available to search and view online, or to use records that have been made available on CD-ROM.

Hopefully by reading through the information on this website you will gain an understanding of genealogy and how to research your family history. If you found this site helpful, why not link to us so others can start to research their family history?

Search for your Ancestors OnlineSearch for your Ancestors Online

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