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A Guide to S&N Genealogy Supplies

S&N Genealogy is the largest UK genealogy publisher and retailer, with over a decade of experience serving the needs of computer-based family historians. Their website, S&N Genealogy Supplies, sells all of their products including software, census sets, books, DVDs, etc.

Viewing the Website

To view the website, go to As you can see on the right, it's pretty easy to navigate the site and find what you want.

There are some handy links on the main page. These include some genealogy information on the right hand side in the orange box, and some new releases and information about the company on the left hand side in the red box.

In the examples below, the products I am interested in buying are "Ancestral Trails" by Mark D. Herber, a book explaining about British Genealogy and Family History, and The War Illustrated, a CD set that includes images of the original magazines published during WWI.

Browsing for an Item

To browse for an item, simply select a category from the drop-down menu or follow the links at the top of the screen. I clicked 'Books on Genealogy' from the drop down menu to continue.

Browsing for an Item

Searching for an Item

To search for an item, simply type your search term into the box provided - this could be the product you're looking for, or just a key word. I typed in "The War Illustrated" and clicked the Search button to continue.

Searching for an Item

Finding the Item you searched/browsed For

Once you have found the item you are looking for, either by browsing the list or by searching the products (right), you can either click the title of the product for more information, or you can click the "Add to Basket" link to add it to your basket. In this case, I knew that I definitely wanted to buy The War Illustrated, so I added this to my basket by clicking the "Add to Basket" button.

The Correct Search Result for "The War Illustrated"

Viewing the Item in More Detail

As I was not too sure about the book I wanted to buy, I decided to view more information about this item by clicking on the title, which brought up a page with more information about the product (right).

Notice the orange box on the left of the item details - the "Top Products" in the category are listed. This can be very useful if you are interested in buying an item, but are not too sure of which one to get - it means you can view the most popular items and then decide on the product for you!

Although it looked very interesting and was on special offer at the time, I prefer paperback editions, so was overjoyed when I saw the orange "Partner Products" to the right of the item details - they also stocked the book in Paperback Edition! I quickly clicked on this item to view the details, and added it to my basket.

Viewing the Item in More Detail

Viewing your Basket and Buying the Items

On viewing my basket, I was presented with a new window (right) that showed me the total cost with postage & packing.

On clicking the "Secure Checkout" button, I was presented with an option of logging in, or continuing to checkout if I didn't want my details saved or haven't yet saved them.

As I had not saved my details last time I made a purchase, I chose to this time Enter my Details and saved them for future use with the website so next time I could log in with my e-mail address and password.

After this, I was taken to a screen which confirmed my order, and that was it - my order had been placed. This is a very easy site to use, and with a huge range of products at low prices, it is always the first place I go to look for something I don't want to view online.

Viewing your Basket and Confirmation of your Order

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